Custom Design

MGR has a staff of highly qualified and experienced stained glass artisans. Since our staff draws on a diverse background of artistic fields, we can handle your unique stained glass needs. We can design custom stained glass pieces based on your desires. We can create stained glass pieces using a variety of techniques and materials to meet your goals. We can engineer custom installation and display methods that will allow you to enjoy your stained glass design safely and securely for years to come.

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Your Best Resource for Stained Glass Services

Allow our master artisans to create a beautiful work of stained glass for you.

Custom Design

We have the tools and knowledge to fix and alter your stained glass piece.

Repair Work

With gentle care and attention, we will restore your piece to its original state.


Learn to create your own lovely stained glass art with our in-depth lessons.


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40 Years of Craftsmanship

MGR Stained Glass utilizes high quality glass and advanced techniques to deliver the best results possible. No matter the size or age of your piece, we will handle any and all of your repairs.

Your Stained Glass Resource

We handle everything from stained glass repairs to custom art pieces. Let MGR Stained Glass handle all of your business, personal, and church needs with stained glass.

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We have the expertise and craftsmanship to serve all of your stained glass needs!

Serving the metro Detroit area for 40 years!