Stained glass is a very satisfying art, and it can be financially rewarding as well. Our instructors teach the same techniques we use in our own studios. Merry Go Round's beginning stained glass classes are intended to be a comprehensive introduction to glass cutting and copper foil assembly techniques. We will present a variety of cutting styles, and we invite you to discover your own personal style. Merry Go Round intends for you to finish one small project during the 12 hours of in-store instruction.

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Classes cost $125.00 for 12 instructional hours (during a 5-week period). We provide minimal equipment (soldering irons and grinders) for students to use in class. Students must purchase a glasscutter, glass pliers, basic supplies, and glass to finish their chosen project. On average, students will spend a minimum of $150.00 on these basic requirements. Those students wishing to establish an in-home studio might spend $400.00 or more on the hand tools and equipment needed to create a professional looking product. Merry Go Round will also supply the patterns for the beginning project.


We offer beginning, intermediate, and advanced classes, as well as workshop style classes. Intermediate and advanced class projects can include boxes, panel lamps, lead panels, and other complicated projects, but project size may be limited. Mosaics, decorative soldering, Tiffany-style lampmaking, advanced lead, and other classes are offered periodically. Please call for current information on class availability and times.


Students must commit themselves to a specific class session. Students may not attend class sessions on evenings for which they are not scheduled. We feel attendance is the student's responsibility and Merry Go Round cannot offer make-up classes or refunds.


While enrolled, students receive a 10% discount on glass and supplies. Deposits on classes are not refundable, as we rely on your deposit to book our instructors and reserve your place in class. We have a maximum enrollment of 7 students per class, and a minimum enrollment of 4 students. We reserve the right to postpone classes until our minimum enrollment is met. In that event, every effort will be made to accommodate the schedules of those students who have already paid a deposit. Merry Go Round teaches very comprehensive stained glass classes, and they are worth waiting for! Due to the nature of this craft, safety is always a primary concern for our students. If you have any concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to ask us.

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