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90 Seconds about Us

Your Best Resource for Stained Glass Services

Custom Design

Allow our master artisans to create a beautiful work of stained glass for you.

Custom Design

Repair Work

We have the tools and knowledge to fix and alter your stained glass piece.

Repair Work


With gentle care and attention, we will restore your piece to its original state.



Learn to create your own lovely stained glass art with our in-depth lessons.


Check back to hear about our classes!

Check back to hear about our classes!
Look out for deals and events!

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Look out for deals and events!

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40 Years of Craftsmanship

MGR Stained Glass utilizes high quality glass and advanced techniques to deliver the best results possible. No matter the size or age of your piece, we will handle any and all of your repairs.

Your Stained Glass Resource

We handle everything from stained glass repairs to custom art pieces. Let MGR Stained Glass handle all of your business, personal, and church needs with stained glass.

Stained Glass logo 3-02.png
Stained Glass

We have the expertise and craftsmanship to serve all of your stained glass needs!

Serving the metro Detroit area for 40 years!


What is Merry Go Round Stained Glass?

Merry Go Round Stained Glass has been serving the metro Detroit area for 40 years. With two locations, we can meet all of your stained glass needs. Our staff of experienced artisans has the knowledge and skill to create stained glass pieces that will be enjoyed for years to come. We handle your stained glass repairs and restorations to make your pieces feel like new. We also share our love of stained glass with the community with our own comprehensive classes. We are the number one resource for stained glass in the metro Detroit area.


Our new design studio in Troy produces the highest quality stained glass panels, doors, sidelights, light catchers, jewelry boxes, and lamps. We combine the finest quality materials with old-world techniques and American craftsmanship to produce shimmering works of art. Merry Go Round Stained Glass specializes in leaded, beveled, and sandblasted panels and cabinet door inserts. We can also perform repairs and restorations of any size, type, or age.


Our flagship retail location in Clinton Township carries the finest art glass supplies at great prices. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you. We have a huge selection of art glass in stock, but if we don’t have that special color you need, just ask- we’ll do what it takes to get it promptly. We offer classes in a variety of glass arts, including stained glass, mosaics, glass fusing, and glass bead making. All skill levels are welcome, so contact us today for current class schedules.


At Merry Go Round Stained Glass, we feel it is our privilege to serve you. We want your stained glass experience to be the best one possible. From our emphasis on quality and longevity to our commitment to customer service and satisfaction, we know you’ll be glad you chose Merry Go Round Stained Glass - just ask your friends and neighbors.

Where is MGR Stained Glass located?

MGR Stained Glass has two locations in the metro Detroit area. Our flagship location is in Clinton Township, Michigan and our design studio is located in Troy, Michigan. Our Clinton Township location is open from 10:00 in the morning to 6:00 in the evening, Monday through Saturday.


Can you repair centuries-old stained glass pieces?

Yes, we have the skill and knowledge to restore your historic stained glass pieces with delicate care. Our experienced staff will take care of your piece and restore it to its original state. During the process, we document and record all of the steps our staff take. Also, we always strive to use the same material and techniques that were originally used for your stained glass pieces. We pay attention to the little details and will even order from the original manufacturer when we can.

MGR Stained Glass repairs suncatchers, lampshades, and leaded panels as well. We have a special adhesive to rejoin broken glass and repair leaded panels. Just give us a call for a quote today.

Can you alter a stained glass piece’s color?

Yes, our specialists have the equipment and techniques to alter your stained glass piece’s color, as well as its size and framing. We can re-solder joints and replace broken glass pieces. Our artisans have a broad range of design and crafting experience that provides them the knowledge and techniques to offer a wide range of repair services.


Does MGR Stained Glass design and install custom orders of stained glass?

Yes, we are always happy to help when you need a high quality, custom stained glass piece. Our artisans are masters in their craft and can bring your ideas to life as beautiful and unique works of art. Stained glass art is perfect for special gifts and bringing illuminating warmth to your home’s windows or doors. When you need a unique present that will be treasured for years to come, a beautiful work of stained glass is exactly what you need.


I want to learn how to create stained glass art. Do you have classes?

Yes, we regularly hold classes at our locations. Our specialists teach the same techniques we use in our own studios. We provide you the support and knowledge you need to create your own beautiful stained glass pieces. In the past, our classes have focused on mosaics, decorative soldering, Tiffany-style lamp making, advanced lead, and similar topics. We also have classes on bead-making and fusing. To get an up-to-date understanding of our current schedules and availability, just give us a call today.


Do you have classes for beginners?

Yes, we have classes tailored for those who have never created stained glass art before. We know how difficult it can be to start out and our staff will ease you in, teaching you about the foundations of stained glass making so you can understand the process. We also offer intermediate and advanced classes. If you enjoy your first class and want to learn more, these classes are great opportunities to continue honing your stained glass skills and experiment to find your own personal stained glass techniques.

How much do classes cost?

Our classes do have costs to pay for our instructors and lessons. Our classes cost $125.00 in exchange for 12 instructional hours over a period of 5 weeks. We provide soldering irons and grinders for class use, students are expected to purchase a glass cutter, glass pliers, basic supplies, and glass for your chosen project. These suppliers typically cost $150 or more for our students. MGR Stained Glass will provide the patterns for the beginning project.

Do I receive any discounts while I take classes?

Yes, you do! Students receive a 10% discount on glass and supplies while taking classes.


How many students are in each class?

We have a minimum of 4 students for class enrollment. If there are not 4 students, we reserve the right to postpone the class until the minimum enrollment is met. Our stained glass lessons are comprehensive so our classes have a maximum enrollment of 7 students. This allows our instructors to provide more hands-on guidance and improve the class experience for every student.


Is there parking at your locations?

Yes, we have a parking space outside our locations that you can use without cost.

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